Corso Italia 206
80067 Sorrento (Na) - Italy
  +39 375.6574.452

Via San Renato, 23
80067 Sorrento (Na) - Italy
  +39 334.9873.025

With Sorrento Parking
you have really “centered”

In the middle of Sorrento, a few steps from its streets closed to traffic and its new pedestrian course.
We are waiting to turn off the engine and turn on the desire to fall in love with the Sorrento Peninsula.


  1. Correale Museum of Terranova

    "The most beautiful museum in the province of Italy", this is how the Correale Museum was defined thanks to its interesting collection of minor arts of the '600 and' 700.

  2. San Francesco Church

    In the 14th century the Franciscan friars built the convent of San Francesco d'Assisi formed by the church, the cloister and the monastery

  3. Tasso square

    It’s the main square of Sorrento, the heart of city life, emblem of a tourist from all over the world.

  4. Sant'Antonino Basilica

    The "Patron, Lawyer and Father" of Sorrento. The basilica is dedicated to Him who protects the city from calamities, epidemics and to which numerous miracles are attributed.

  5. Sorrento Cathedral

    The cathedral dedicated to Saints Philip and James was the subject of various restoration interventions that completely changed its appearance, up to the remaking of the facade in 1924.

  6. Seat Dominova in via S. Cesareo

    Built in the 14th century as Domus Novae, it is the only evidence in Campania of the ancient noble seats, the medieval institutions appointed to administer the public res.

  7. Marina Grande Sorrento

    Picturesque fishing village which can be accessed along a narrow street in stone steps and crossing the ancient Greek Gate, Marina Grande preserves the charm of the fishing village

  8. Marina Piccola Sorrento

    Marina Piccola is the Sorrento port, an important landing place for ferries and hydrofoils. The village, made famous by the film with Vittorio De Sica and Sofia Loren "Pane, Amore e ...", offers characteristic cafes, restaurants

  9. Municipal Villa

    Excellent panorama from the Villa Comunale in Sorrento, a stone's throw from Piazza Tasso. Small, neat, collected and with a breathtaking view

  10. Vallone dei Mulini

    Vallone dei Mulini in Sorrento is a place of great naturalistic charm. The formation of this deep fissure in the rock dates back to around 35,000 years ago.


  1. CAPRI

    The most known island of the Mediterranean ... and perhaps of the whole world. Welcome to the land of Faraglioni, the backdrop to fashion, nature and the clear waters of the Blue Grotto.


    The green island washed by the waves of the blue sea. A dip in its renowned thermal waters capable of restoring the mind and body. A truly unmissable experience.


    One of the most evocative photo shoots in recent years. The beach on which the memory of the “Postino” movie is imprinted thanks the interpretation of main actor, Massimo Troisi. With its houses with colorful roofs and its magnificent streets.


    The Southern Italy capital. The city where it’s possible meeting art and history in museums, in the historic center, in its cuisine and in the friendliness of its people.


    The end of an era. The beginning of a myth. Buried under the dust of time you’ll find the remains of the dawn of our culture. A timeless journey. An unparalleled experience.


    The king. A symbol of an entire city. An icon that transmits strength and energy. A natural walk on the slopes of the mountain that has always guarded and protects the city.


    Travel the most renowned steps in the world, among the shops of the famous seaside fashion, with the smell of orange blossoms that will take you to the beach. The most precious pearl of the entire Amalfi Coast.


    The gold of lemon groves, the blue sea that is reflected in the sky. The green patches that will accompany you during the journey. The doors of the Amalfi Coast open up to Amalfi, whose glories of the Maritime Republic still live today.


    An elegant fancy sweet-box set in the rock. A pretty village that overlooks the Amalfi Coast, where time has stopped. Like in a fairy tale, among fragrant flowers and unmissable landscapes.


    A walk halfway between sky and sea, where only the purest essence of mother nature will welcome you. The breath of vegetation, the voice of the sea. The beginning of a dream.