a new way
to use
a parking!


An economic parking
which offers a lot of innovative services


Sorrento Parking,
the indoor parking located in the center of Sorrento,
the best solution for parking your car, scooter or minivan 
without barriers in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula.
The area is video surveillance, managed 24 hours a day
by our staff composed of skilled personnel always ready
to meet the different needs of all customers.


  • Car Valet

    Sorrento Parking offers the possibility to pick up your vehicle at an agreed point (such as the station, the port, the main squares of Sorrento or your own accommodation) and redelivery in agreed times thanks to our valid team.

  • Hotel Transfer

    The convenience of parking your car at your accommodation even without parking: this is the innovative service offered by our staff who, upon your arrival, will be ready to pick up your vehicle and redelivery it in agreed times thanks to our valid team. The cost of parking includes only one return transfer from your hotel.

  • Toilet

    The center of Sorrento never sleeps. In the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula, in fact, there is always life. This is why Sorrento Parking offers the possibility to park and pick up your vehicle 24 hours a day and use our very latest toilets.

  • Courtesy Room with shower

    In addition to toilets you’ll find a large bathroom, equipped with all comforts, courtesy kit, hairdryer and a confortabile shower where, in total privacy, it will be possible to cool off after a long journey or a day spent at the sea.

  • Bike rental

    Sorrento Bike: the historic center of Sorrento, with its streets closed to traffic and its new pedestrian course. A show that becomes even more suggestive if admired on one of the bikes that are rented by the Sorrento Parking team.

  • Scooter rental

    Wind in your hair, moving around the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast without limits. A dream come true thanks to the scooter rental service guaranteed by Sorrento Parking.

  • Washing Service

    How many times have you thought: "The car should be washed but unfortunately I have no time". Well, now you have no more excuses! During your stop the Sorrento Parking staff thoroughly cleans all the spaces of your vehicle, both internal and external. This service is available only on request and long-term parking

  • Luggage Storage

    Before departure, after a long journey or during an excursion to the Sorrento Peninsula, in addition to cars, scooters and vans Sorrento Parking takes care of all your luggage, even after your check out thanks to a comfortable car valet.

  • Wardrobe

    Leave some bulky objects in custody after parking your vehicle, such as a helmet, travel backpack or motorcycle equipment. Thanks to the Sorrento Parking wardrobe service, now this is possible.

  • Self-service drinks and snacks

    Sorrento Parking is not just a convenient parking .. In the middle of the day or during night ... it is always time for an inviting snack. Sweet or salty ... it depends on your tastes! Thanks to the self-service dispenser installed inside Sorrento Parking, your little wishes will always be fulfilled.

  • Electric charge

    Sorrento Parking offers a convenient e-station, that is the eco-sustainable electric pedestals that allow you to recharge quickly the car or the bike during your stop.




  • Customer Care

    Sorrento Parking is not just a convenient parking located in the middle of the Sorrento Peninsula. Our staff, in fact, is always ready to offer 24-hour assistance.

  • Secure payments

    Sorrento Parking adopts reliable and certified payment methods. It is possible indeed to pay with PayPal or with a credit card even if you are not registered.

  • Easy booking online

    Booking a parking space from Sorrento Parking on the web is easy: just 3 steps. 1) Enter the date and time of arrival, plus any need for other services. 2) Check the offer that our system will immediately calculate 3) Make the payment with our online systems

  • 10% free for long-term parking

    Safety. Comfort. And above all convenient: in addition to a location in the middle of the Sorrento Peninsula and its reliable staff, Sorrento Parking offers the opportunity to save 10% for a stop longer than two consecutive days.

  • Free cancellations up to the day before

    Still unsure whether to enjoy the beauty of the Sorrento Peninsula? There is no problem: with Sorrento Parking you can book on the web and cancel up to 24 hours before your arrival free of charge.

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Courtesy Room

Sorrento Parking is a different concept of parking...

In addition to comfortable toilets, Sorrento Parking has a large bathroom where you’ll find a lot of services, such as courtesy kit, hairdryer and a shower where in total privacy you can cool off after a long journey or a day spent at the beach


Car parking*
20 min (including courtesy kit)

Scooter parking*
20 min (including courtesy kit)

only 10,00* €

*parking cost excluded
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