A - Booking procedures

“USER” is the final user

“Manager” is the company that owns the parking

  1. Once completed, online bookings through Sorrentoparking.com automatically generate a confirmation voucher.
  2. The USER is requested to make sure that he has taken note of all the information, paying attention to the location position as well as to the telephone number of the parking, in addition to the details regarding the entrance and exit procedures.
  3. The USER is responsible for obtaining through the website the correct information before arriving at the Sorrento Parking. The car parking manager is absolutely not responsible for the non-use of the reservation.
  4. Prices depend on various factors, including the dates of the reservation, the stop duration, the time / date of delivery and / or redelivery of the vehicle.
  5. Parking at Sorrento Parking is always subject to the General Terms and Conditions which, after the booking procedure, are intended as expressly accepted. It’s the customer's responsibility to request the "General Terms and Conditions" for the car park in advance or on arrival at the site.
  6. If the customer is in late with the procedures regarding the normal performance of the service - such as incorrect information or completion of the booking form or the delayed arrival at the car parking without prior notice - this could cause the suspension of the service without reimbursement.
  7. If the USER wishes to reduce the days of parking with respect to the original booking, it will be at the discretion of the Manager to decide the payment of a possible refund net of expenses.
  8. In no case it will be possible to reimburse, even only in part, the amount of a reservation with online payment where the request for reimbursement is received with a certain date after the date of entry booked.
  9. The Manager could cancel a reservation if the parking car is unable to accept it. In such circumstances, if an online payment was made at the time of booking, this will be fully refunded, by crediting the credit card or bank transfer.


B - Rules governing the purchase of products and services - general conditions

“USER” is the final user

“Manager” is the company that owns the parking

Art. 1 - Relationship between USER and MANAGER

YOU express your consent by entering the data requested on the web and YOU are required to comply with all the general conditions contained in this regulation.
This regulation, which must be read and approved in all its parts, shall be considered automatically approved and accepted to allow the termination and validation of the booking procedures.

Art. 2 - Fee for services
The advance payment is allowed with: PayPal account;

Art. 3 - Obligations of the USER and of the holder of the credit card, PayPal account, bank account. The USER undertakes to read, carefully read and accept the contractual clauses referred to in this regulation, as a necessary condition for the purchase, since these are clauses drafted in compliance with articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/1999 (distance contract) and art. 12 of the Legislative Decree 70/03 (electronic commerce).

Art. 4 - Limitations of liability
The Manager does not assume responsibility for direct or indirect damages in any way connected to its service. The Manager undertakes to provide the Competent Authorities all the information in its possession in order to allow the identification and prevention of any offenses committed through the network.

Art. 5 - Regulation of parking

5.1 - Upon arrival at Sorrento Parking and simultaneously with the vehicle parking (car or scooter), the User will be issued with a coupon showing the vehicle's registration number (car or scooter) on the day and time of entry;

5.2 - The coupon is a recognition sign and a title of legitimation, which enables the owner to the pick up the vehicle / scooter. Any consequence deriving from the loss of the coupon is charged to the customer / depositor;

5.3 - The cars / scooters will be carried out only in the parking areas and exclusively by the parking staff and customers are not allowed to access them;

5.4 - The Manager is not responsible for damage to cars / scooters if the integrity of vehicles has not been verified at the time of the deposit or any damage that has been reported to the authorized staff at the time of collection;

5.5 - The Manager does not accept posthumous disputes after leaving the car parking.

5.6 - The Manager is not responsible for theft of accessories, luggage or objects left in cars and scooters. There is no insurance for the theft of cars and / or scooter. Parking is insured for civil liability only.

5.7 - From the closing time until the reopening time the Manager is not responsible for parked vehicles;

Art. 6 - Cancellations

The User can cancel and / or modify the reservation only up to 24 hours before the time scheduled for his arrival by sending an email to info@sorrentoparking.com. In the event of timely communication, the Manager will return to the User the full amount in the same way of the booking. In case of cancellation more than 24 hours before the scheduled time of arrival, the User will not be entitled to a refund of the price paid.

Art. 7 - General

7.1 - The USER declares and acknowledges having read these conditions in their entirety. Access to any of the services provided through the site sorrentoparking.com and other websites linked implies acceptance, without any reservation by the USER, of these general conditions of use.
In some cases, the Manager decides not to apply one or some of the aforementioned forecasts. This does not imply that the Manager cannot equally apply one or all of these provisions where it’s appropriate.

7.2 - In the event that any of the above provisions is inapplicable, the others will continue to have full effect.

7.3 - In the event that services have been purchased on behalf of a third party, the consent to these terms and conditions is understood to be given for itself and as a representative of the third party.

7.4 - The Manager reserves the right, whenever it deems it necessary, to amend and / or supplement these Terms and Conditions. The updated version will be available on the website www.sorrentoparking.com and linked sites, or can be requested directly from the Manager.

Art. 8 - The Court of Torre Annunziata will have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the interpretation and execution of the agreement

Art. 9 - Privacy
The data entered will be processed for the sole purpose of providing the requested information and the same will be processed electronically in compliance with the principles established by the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree 196/2003).


The company MGR SRL based in Vico Equense at via Raffaele Bosco 213, hereinafter referred to as the "Lessor". grants to the lessee, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", its vehicles according to the methods and conditions below indicate:

  1. DOCUMENTS AND AGE REQUIRED · DRIVING LICENSE: the customer must be over 18 years old and must not be over 80 years old. The Customer must be in possession of a valid driving license, suitable for the use of the rental vehicle and is not suspended, withdrawn at the time of this contract and for the entire duration of the rental relationship. Each time the vehicle is used, the Lessor reserves the right to verify the existence of the above requirements. Any eventual about the state of the driving license must be immediately communicated by the Customer to the Lessor. In case of action by the Customer of even only the above obligations and conditions, the Manager may terminate the contract and take action for compensation for the damage, charging the Customer for all possible consequences and penalties.
  2. DELIVERY AND RETURN: The vehicle is delivered with a full tank of fuel, in perfect condition, with the registration certificate (which must always be left in the vehicle), with the certificate and the insurance mark. This circumstance is taken for granted by the lack of objection by the Customer who, by taking the vehicle, acknowledges that it is in an excellent state of maintenance and suitable for the agreed use and also that it is equipped with all the accesses and documents indicated above. The customer undertakes to return the vehicle at the end of the rental period established by the contract, in the same conditions with all documents and accessories. The term '' day "defines a period of 24 hours or fraction starting from the moment in which the vehicle was delivered to the customer. There is a maximum tolerance of 59 minutes beyond which an extra rental day will be charged. In any case, the Customer who intends to extend the duration of the rental is required to go as soon as possible to the Lessor's offices in order to sign the modification of the duration of the rental agreement, or to draw up a new contract. If the customer, in the absence of the extension of the contract, fails to return the vehicle within the agreed term, the amount of 150.00 euros will be charged, without the need for any prior communication, as a penalty, as well as the amount corresponding to the rental price for each additional day. Any early termination of the rental contract, by returning the rented vehicle, does not entitle the lessor to any claim for reimbursement, partial or total, by the lessor.
  3. CUSTOMER'S OBLIGATIONS AND RIGHTS: The Customer undertakes to use the vehicle with the diligence and prudence of a good family man and in particular must not allow it to be used:
  4. a) for the transport of people for commercial purposes, b) to push or tow vehicles, trailers or other things, c) on rough roads or roads not suitable for road traffic, d) in races, trials or competitions, e) driven by different people by the Client unless this person has previously been indicated in the contract and authorized by the lessor; f) by the Customer or the driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that impair the knowledge or the ability to react; g) in violation of any customs or traffic regulations or any other regulations that may be in force even after the signing of this contract. The Customer has the obligation to:
  5. a) pay attention to the type of fuel to be added to the tank; in the event of injecting unsuitable fuel, the Customer will be held responsible for all damage and any costs incurred for the possible recovery of the vehicle: b) not to introduce animals into the vehicle; c) acknowledge that they do not have any real rights on the vehicle and therefore cannot sell and / or dispose of it even as a pledge.
  6. EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY: The Lessor cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the Customer or third parties deriving from the use of the vehicle in the event of non-compliance with the conditions of use referred to in point 3 (three) or for the loss o damage to property owned by the customer left in the vehicle or for damage and inconvenience resulting from delay in delivery, breakdowns as well as the interruption of services due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.
  7. Joint and several obligations: Anyone who signs this contract in the name or on behalf of another person and or company will be jointly and severally liable with their principal for the obligations assumed towards the Lessor. The Customer is responsible, in any case, for the actions and / or omissions of whoever drives the vehicle.
  8. INSURANCE: The Lessor is obliged to deliver the rental vehicle equipped with the following insurance guarantees: a} Civil Liability for third parties for road traffic damage with a single ceiling of 5,000,000.00 euros (five million ): b) Civil liability of the transported. The rental vehicle does not have an insurance guarantee for any damage suffered by the driver of the vehicle itself (so-called Driver policy). The rental vehicle does not have any insurance guarantee for any: theft or damage to the material goods transported. In the event of a road traffic accident and, therefore, if the aforementioned insurance guarantees are used with reference to the rental vehicle and regardless of the extent of the damage caused in the accident, the customer will be charged as a penalty, even subsequently, by debit on credit card, the amount equal to 600.00 (six hundred / 00). However, in the sole case in which the responsibility for the accident is attributable to other vehicles and exclusively in the case in which this can be inferred from a declaration signed by the civilian responsible for the accident in the presence of the lessor or his delegate, the penalty applied will be of the 'amount equal to Euro 250 (two hundred and fifty / 00). In the event of an accident, in the event that the customer or the driver is subject to the fine for driving under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs, the customer will be charged for all the consequences, in particular they will be charged in full to the customer the amounts that the insurance company claims as compensation. By signing this contract, the customer expressly authorizes the lessor to charge the amounts for the aforementioned penalties from the moment of the accident, or from the moment in which the lessor (also through his insurer) receives a claim or a request for compensation from of third parties.
  9. ACCIDENTS: Any accident involving the rented vehicle must be reported to the Lessor within 12 hours. The Customer is obliged to write down all personal, vehicle identification and insurance data of the counterparty (s) and communicate them to the Lessor; must complete the friendly incident statement (CAI) in all its parts, sign it and have the other party sign it; The Customer must not recognize his responsibility without having previously contacted the competent authorities and the Lessor and must obtain the data relating to any witnesses. The Client agrees to cooperate with the Lessor and its insurers in any investigation or legal proceeding. In the event that the Customer does not present the friendly accident declaration completed in its entirety and signed by the counterpart, together with the report completed by the Authority or fails to fulfill the other formalities indicated above. the Customer remains responsible for the full value of all damages caused to the vehicle, thus regardless of the limit charged as a penalty, or the signing of the “Happy Holiday” clauses (point 10). Furthermore, a sum will be charged to the customer as a technical stop, determined according to the official rates in force. Equal to the amount due if the rental continued for a period equal to the time necessary for the execution of repairs and the procurement of spare parts.
  10. DAMAGES: In compliance with the provisions of art. 1588 cod. civ, the Customer undertakes to compensate the Lessor for any damage, for any reason that occurred to the vehicle, if he does not prove that the damage occurred for reasons not attributable to the Customer. The damages will be detected and quantified on the basis of the values ​​taken from the price lists of the manufacturers and also include labor costs, consumables, waste disposal and technical stop of the vehicle for the time needed for repair and for the procurement of spare parts. For any damage relating to the vehicle, its parts or accessories, attributable to any case in point, the Lessor is authorized to definitively charge the Customer's credit card a sum of money commensurate with the extent of the damage suffered. Punctures and damage to the wheels are the responsibility of the Customer, any repairs carried out by the Customer without prior written approval from the Lessor will not be refunded. Any repair, if authorized, must in any case be documented by a regular invoice made out to the Company: MGR S.R.L., via Raffaele Bosco n213 Vico Equense (NA) • VAT number 05744611210.
  11. THEFT FIRE: In case of theft and / or partial / total fire of the vehicle. the Customer is required to pay a penalty of Euro 1,500 (one thousand five hundred / 00). The Customer is obliged to return the originals of the vehicle keys and the theft report submitted to the competent Authorities to the Lessor. After 24 hours from non-return at the end of the rental, a report will be made for theft against the lessor, unless timely notification of proven impediment to return.
  12. HAPPY HOLIDAY POLICY: The Customer can limit his liability by subscribing to the optional "Happy Holiday" clause whose cost is € 10.00 (ten / 00) per day of rental. The signing of the "Happy Holiday" clause does not exempt the Customer is entirely responsible for the event, but only entails a reduction of the amount of the penalty to be charged by 50%, As better specified: Damage to the vehicle penalty reduced from € 1,500.00 to € 750.00 and reduced Theft / Fire penalty from Euro 1,500.00 to Euro 750.00. The limitation of compensation only applies on condition that the damaging event is not attributable to willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Customer and to improper use of the car.
  13. OFFENSES • DRUNK DRIVING · DRIVING UNDER THE EFFECT OF DRUNKING SUBSTANCES: During the period of use of the vehicle, the Customer is fully and directly responsible for all possible sanctions or other consequences due to the commission of offenses and / or violations in road traffic matters envisaged by the Italian legal system, including charges for access to restricted traffic areas, parking bans, forced removal, violation of speed limits, non-payment of tolls, non-payment of parking spaces, driving under the influence of alcohol or under the effect of drugs or the violation of any other provision of the highway code, laws or regulations in force. The lessor will charge the Customer the amount of all the related penalties, in addition to the lump sum amount of € 50.00 for expenses incurred for the administrative management of each individual practice, or for each individual penalty. In the event of a criminal offense / offense for driving the rental vehicle in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs, the Customer will be charged with all the consequences of this conduct, in particular the customer will be fully charged the amounts involved. of the fines and the costs for legal expenses necessary to obtain the return to the Lessor of the vehicle possibly subject to seizure by the Police or the Judicial Authority, furthermore in the event of seizure of the vehicle the Customer will be charged a penalty equal to to € 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred / 00). The Customer expressly accepts this clause. The landlord will immediately pay the administrative penalties with full charge of the amounts to the offending Customer, who, by signing this contract, expressly agrees, as of now, to the debit of all the amounts that will be due, directly and indirectly, by virtue of the rental, even after the invoicing of the amount thereof, on the credit card or prepaid card used to guarantee the payment of the pecuniary obligations deriving from this Agreement, with the express waiver to raise any dispute against the Lessor even if following any judicial appeal of the offense was ascertained that the sanctions were not due.
  14. CHARGES: The Customer will pay or reimburse the company “MGR S.R.L. "At the time of the lessor's request, the possible amount: a) of the hourly charges exceeding those previously agreed, except for the additional increase referred to in point 2 (two) second paragraph: b) of the quantity of fuel missing compared to that present at the time of delivery of the vehicle, increased by Euro 10 (ten / 00) for the refueling service; e) the costs for parking, lraino of the vehicle, when requested by the Customer; d) of the taxes applied to this contract in cases of its necessary registration by the Lessor; e) the costs incurred by the Lessor in relation to the collection of payments due from the Customer including the costs for legal assistance; f) the flat-rate costs, quantified at Euro 50.00, incurred by the Lessor in relation to the administrative management of the high fines charged to the Customer and the motorway tolls not paid by the Customer, during the rental period; g) for loss and / or damage and / or theft: 1) documents, including insurance documents whose cost is Euro 100.00; 2) of the keys Euro 200.00; 3) plates Euro 200.00. The customer who uses a credit card accepts that all charges are made to his account. In particular, the Customer expressly accepts with reference to point 6 (Insurance) that the charge may take place up to 12 months after the date of termination of the rental and with reference to point 11 (Contraventions) the Customer expressly accepts that the charge may take place up to 91 days after the rental termination date.
  15. LOCALIZATION: By signing the rental contract, the Customer expressly and without reservation authorizes the Lessor, or another person appointed by the same to remotely monitor the correct use and operation of the rented car through satellite alarm systems.
  16. COMPLAINTS: Any complaint must be received in writing no later than 30 (thirty) days from the rental term.
  17. ITALIAN LANGUAGE FOR THE INTERPRETATION OF THE CONTRACT: The Italian text of these General Conditions of Contract prevails, in case of differences, over the English text because it expresses the exact will of the parties.
  18. Disputes: For all possible disputes of a civil nature relating to the rental relationship and this contract, the Court of Torre or the Justice of the Peace of Naples will be competent for the territory, with the express exclusion of any other Court. By signing this contract, the Customer declares to have been expressly and adequately informed about this article and to have expressly consented to the condition set out therein.
  19. TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA (PRIVACY): Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data), The Customer. by signing this, he declares that he has been informed that the data provided by him may be processed in compliance with this legislation. Holder of the treatment. according to the law, it is Mr. Vanacore Mauritius. These data will be used for the conclusion and execution of vehicle rental contracts as well as for the creation of a customer database for these purposes and for the activation of the international standards of payment systems agreed with the Lessor. The same data may also be used by the Lessor in order to allow the public authorities or to forward any complaints to the Customer responsible for violations of the highway code or other applicable regulations, for the payment of the relative financial penalties by the Customer. The data will be processed using suitable tools to guarantee their security and confidentiality. The provision of data by the Customer and the consent to its processing are free and are necessarily functional to the establishment and performance of this contractual relationship. In any case, the Customer can obtain at any time the updating, rectification or cancellation of the data concerning him.